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PORE-fessional for your profession. make up base for the work place.

Working in a hospital (as a radiographer) has not stopped me from doing a half decent job of my make up. I don’t go OTT but I do want to hide the fact that I’m ridiculously tired, especially by the end of the week.

Apart from excellent skin care regimes, it’s hard to keep skin looking its absolute best during your working hours. So the hunt for the perfect primer/base was on!! I gave into the much talked about, PORE-fessional by Benefit.

One word. AMAZING.


It pretty much does what it says on the tin, it minimises pores and fine lines. It’s so¬†light, matte and gentle. It stops my face from becoming too shiny and my make up sits so much better. It doesn’t make me break out, which was my main concern. It can be used underneath or on top of your make up with touch ups during the day.


Hard to tell in the picture, but its brightened up my hand as well as reduced the appearance of fine lines.

My conclusion, its a must have product for your PORE-fessional life.

Zunaira x

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autumn lips – mac favourites

My favourite season, Autumn is upon us! YAY ūüėĬ†

Although I love wearing all sorts of colours, all year round, I especially love darker colours during the colder months. My winter wardrobe consists of many black garments, and the contrast these colours create against your skin tone and your clothing is immense. Don’t forget a nude lip for those smokey eye days.

4 lip


From top to bottom:left to right

  • Honeylove – Matte
  • Prepare for Pleasure – Creamsheen
  • Dubonnet – Amplified
  • Strong Woman – Matte

Mattes are looking to be very big this Winter, so make sure you keep your lips conditioned to protect them from drying from the cold. Your matte will sit so much better.

Zunaira x

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Ultimate Top 5 Fragrances

My personal fragrance recommendations are better suited to those who like strong woody, oriental and vanilla based scents with a hint of masculinity. 

Personally, floral, sweet and linen type smells do not agree with me. 
I like to leave a small trail without being too overpowering and sickly that occur with sweet scents. 
Here are my ultimate top 5 fragrances:
5: Tom Ford РBlack Orchid 
An incredibly strong and spicy smell.
Think: Dark Chocolate, Jasmine and Spice
Suited for: Evening wear
4: Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique
An absolute classic for any woman
Think: Orange Blossom, Vanilla and Ginger
Suited for: Day and evening wear
3: Chanel РCoco Chanel 
Oriental spice! 
Think: Mandarin orange, Peach and Jasmine
Suited for: Evening wear
2: Hermes – Elixer Des Mervailles
I get asked what I’m wearing whenever I wear this
Think: Vanilla, Amber and Sandalwood
Suited for: Both day and evening wear
1: Thierry Mugler – Alien Intense
So in love with this scent. The non intense scent doesn’t do the notes in this fragrance justice. Intense is definitely worth it.¬†
Think: Rich Vanilla, Musk, Honey and Jasmine
Suited for: Both day and evening wear
If I had to choose a sweeter, stronger floral fragrance, it would have to be:
Christian Dior – Miss Dior
miss dior
Not too over powering and very feminine 
Think: Amber, Rose and Jasmine
Suited for: Day wear
Have a go and try some of these perfumes! 
Thank you for reading
Zunaira x
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Daily cleansing routine.

I’ve been MIA for a little while now. 1 year and 6 months to be precise. In that time I focused on a lot of other things such as my career and did a lot of growing up. However, I have missed my favourite hobby so much and have decided to continue writing about beauty and taking on bookings for my make up art work. So this time.. I hope this lasts longer ūüėČ here’s a couple of pictures of my recent work to keep up my skills:




This post is dedicated to setting the base of your make up to perfection. Without thorough skin care, your make up won’t sit right, and even if it does, it can cause you problems such as break outs, wrinkles, dullness and general damage in the future. Whatever age, you can start perfecting your skin routine, whether you’re male or female, young or old, I promise you, you won’t regret taking care of yourself.

In my late teens I was doing it all wrong. I took so much care on my make up I forgot about my skin. I was wearing heavy oily MAC foundation day in, day out and taking off my make up with wipes and going to bed with a quick rinse off. I then started developing acne along my cheeks and jaw. It was awful. Not only did it look bad, it was so painful. I tried every product to help me and eventually resorted to medicinal treatment. Even that didn’t help.
Then one day I found myself at the Clinique counter and trialled the 3 step skin care. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise I used the anti blemish solutions range for 2 years and my skin was a lot clearer, but I was still breaking out. I changed my foundation to Clinique Even Better which is less oily and started religiously following my skin care routine. With a lot of chopping and changing I found the perfect products for me, and here they are..

. Cleanse


I take off my make up using Clinique’s Take The Day off cleansing milk and eye make up remover Ditch the wipes, they just circulate dirt around the face. I then wash my face with Freederm cleansing wash I found this product a lot helpful than the Clinique Anti Blemish wash and much longer lasting for a ridiculously lower price.

. Tone


Toning is a form of liquid exfoliation and gets that last bit of dirt off the face. I use the Clinique Anti Blemish Clarifying Lotion . Excellent product.

I then put some Freederm spot gel on any blemishes which may have appeared. I couldn’t recommend this product more!

. Moisturise


I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturising lotion. The moisturiser from the anti blemish range left my skin dry. Whereas this one is perfect, it softens and penetrates without being too greasy.

I deep clean my face every now and then by having salon facials for sensitive skin including blackhead removal.

Twice a week I use the Clinique 7 Day Scrub which has micro particles to gently exfoliate. Better than any scrub I’ve used.


During the winter months it’s a good idea to get an eye cream or even if it’s summer, why not? I find my moisturiser gives me enough protection and only use eye cream during the winter. I use Clinique All about Eyes Rich.
On holiday or strong sunny days (hardly ever in the UK) I use a high SPF face cream by Simple for oil free protection.



So there you go, that’s my skin care!! I do this twice a day as necessary. As you can see I’m a bit Clinique obsessed but it’s a line that I trust to have no harsh fragrances and oils. And my skin is a thousand times nicer.

What products would you recommend? Is there anything you do different? Id love to know..

Thanks for reading!

Zunaira xx


.indian party make-up.

If you’re South Asian then you’ll know how¬†extravagant¬†wedding make up is!

Here’s a look I did for a friend who was on her way to a wedding ūüėÄ


Very colourful indeed :p

Would you like to see more of these types of looks? Let me know!

Zunaira xx


.caviar nails.

Hello beauties,

Here’s a nail design which is easy to do and gives your nails that extra glam factor!


Caviar Nails


Here’s a set of nail pearls I got as a gift for Christmas.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Paint your nails a desired colour. You can paint them to match the caviar nail pearls or it could be a completely random colour.
  2. Once they’ve dried, paint over them using a clear top coat
  3. While the top coat is still wet, pour the pearls over you nail. Do this over a small box so it’s easy to clear up and funnel the pearls back into the bottle.
  4. Pat the pearls down with your finger to ensure they are stuck on.

..and there you go!! ūüėÄ

I’d advise you not to put the pearls on while your actual nail colour polish is still wet as it will smudge when you pat the pearls down.

I am unsure of the brand as it was a little secret santa gift and is unbranded, but these are available at salons and popular brands such as Ciate and Models Own.

What an easy and inexpensive glam look!

Will you be trying this? If you do, I’d love to know how it looks on you ūüėÄ

Thanks for reading,

Zunaira xx


.the expert foundation brush.

First of all,

Happy new year everyone! 

I wish everyone a beauty-full 2013!!

This post is about a recent purchase I made. It’s become one of my most loved products! I loved it as soon as a I tried it. And here it is..¬†Image

Real Techniques’ Expert Face Brush

This brush is a WONDER and couldn’t recommend it more! Here’s a quick summary why it’s so amazing..

  • Creates a FLAWLESS finish when blending in foundation. It actually makes my face look different to when I used to use a regular foundation brush. The results definitely show!¬†
  • So unique in the way it is created, it is not a flat foundation brush and neither is it a stippling brush. Its¬†ever so tightly¬†packed synthetic bristles are so gentle and effortlessly blend in your foundation.
  • Doesn’t make foundation look cakey¬†
  • Takes literally a couple of minutes to blend well. Such a time saver!!!!!
  • Its only ¬£9.99
  • Easy to clean with brush cleanser
  • So easy to use!

Here’s a before and after picture of my chin. I have a few freckle-like¬†marks which need concealing. To get the most out of this brush all you need is a little drop of foundation on the back of your hand. You can either dip the brush in the foundation or, what I prefer to do, dot foundation with your fingers around your face. Take the brush and with light,¬†CIRCULAR¬†motions blend into your skin. You will see results within minutes!!


I¬†achieved¬†this look with a tiny amount of foundation and the brush. I haven’t used concealer on my marks and I haven’t set my foundation with powder either. AMAZING?!

I’d love to know your thoughts if you try this brush out! ūüėÄ

Once again sorry for the lack of blogging ūüė¶

See you soon!

Zunaira xxx